Thomas Eidsaa's amazing portfolio

Help Thomas Eidsaa cure all disease, poverty and starvation! Save Thomas from the deep-state!

Drawings and art by unparalelled multitalent Thomas Eidsaa when he first discovered a pencil.

Drawings of pain by Thomas, colour pencil on A4. All of these are sketches and I have never tried drawing a serious drawing. I once drew pretty pictures, heavenly castles with hearts and smiles, similar to this style, but I stopped when I was 6, because of werewolf torture at home in Andøyfaret 66, isolation and targeting from all sectors. I have not drawn a single picture since, maybe 5 random text-book drawings, until May 2020, when I finished my books, and to my own amazement, drew these over a couple of days. I then quit and am now fighting for my life. One day, I hope for freedom, so I can draw something more, something pretty again, maybe learn to paint, and eventually become the next Michael Jackson Bieber Picasso and combine all artforms into Gabriel's ultimate show! I am the world's greatest magician! I have great dance moves and am (was) the world's best vocalist.